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State of art and Empowerment Center

State of art and Empowerment Center

State of art and Empowerment Center

When completed, the state of art and empowerment center will be one answer to many questions cutting across our work and sustainability of our mission. The center will have a high school and sports complex. Here we are looking forward to becoming the best sporting and education destination in East and Central Africa.

The high school

The school will aim at extending quality education opportunities to children who are enrolled from the primary section. This will give the students & athletes an opportunity to operate in an international context as well as fill their time constructively locally. Teams of support staff will be enrolled to work as volunteers and paid staff to provide feedback and support the students through valuable workshops designed to educate them on all aspects of their development.

The interaction and shared experiences during these times will help strengthen the relationship between the students and coaches or teachers. Therefore developing trust in this way will feed in to better quality training, enhancing the student’s confidence, growing the community and improving competitive performances in the sports and education areas. This will offer the opportunity for the organization to employ a number of top graduates as coaches, teachers, farmers, social workers and health practitioners.

The sports complex

Through your support, KFA Sports Academy will have a sustainable sports facility which will include (1 sand grass soccer field, 2 basketball courts, 2 netball courts and 2 tennis courts).

This facility will aim at optimizing the development of young talents and bright minds in Uganda because young talents in the country have been dying from a grassroots stage.

Therefore the facility will provide the best sporting environment to over 500 young children and youth to develop their passion into professional careers and enable them to become better contributors of Ugandan society. The academy will recruit professional coaches and social workers from Europe and other Western countries who will be volunteering their time to assist and work with our local coaches and administrators to facilitate the best skills and tactics to the
children and youth in the academy.

Furthermore ,The organization will be in position to provide full residential accommodation for
teachers and international volunteers or tourists who will come to the facility. This will create easy accessibility for teachers to reach school in time and also increase teacher- student relationship enabling competitive education performance among students.

This will reflect that teachers are available to the students for consultancy, discussions and extra study programs at the organization. We project Kids for Africa to develop into a world-leading reputation as a sports destination in Africa. This is because the organization will install the ideal environment for international volunteers, visitors, friends and tourist, elite athletes to train and compete; giving them access to training fields of the highest quality, multi-purpose halls for a variety of sports as well as, a gym and a Yoga studio. The center will be built with self-contained rooms that offer comfort and a relaxing atmosphere to experience the African winds and scenery.